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Dear Afghan brothers and sisters, Salaam

I am delighted to announce that with the grace of Allah (J) we were able to layout the foundation of the organization of Afghan Healthcare Professionals, through which we hope to render our candid and genuine services for our healthcare professionals and the people of Afghanistan.The last three decades of conflicts have totally devastated and ravaged every aspect of public and socio-economic infrastructure in Afghanistan and surely, healthcare services were not an exception. A clear indication of the breakdown of the healthcare service access and delivery is the very grim statistics from various internationally recognized organizations such as WHO which places Afghanistan in at bottom of the list of all countries in terms of infant mortality, maternal mortality and overall life expectancy. One particular statistic of great concern is the ratio of health care provider per capita, which is .2/10,000

A recent trip to Afghanistan provided me with first- hand experience of the debilitated healthcare situation that exists in our country today. This had the most profound impact on me which ignited a burning desire and a sense of duty in my heart to reach out to my people and stop being a by stander. Although I realize it will require great efforts, an enormous amount of resources and many years, if not decades, in order to get the Afghanistan healthcare services back on track, we have to start somewhere and someone has to do something. I reached out and shared these concerns and ideas with many concerned .Afghans through a series of interviews with the Payam-e- Afghan TV

After deliberations and a series of extensive discussions with experienced Afghan diaspora physicians, the conclusion and consensus that we reached was to start with the training of the trainers In other words, with our limited resources, we wanted to focus on training the very people that ultimately are responsible for training the .future generations of healthcare providers in Afghanistan

I am very delighted to inform you that we were able to establish a Professional Committee to take the responsibility of coordinating and facilitating the visits of our health professionals to Afghanistan with concerned authorities of the Ministry of Public Health to offer assistance to Health Education institutions there.The establishment of this Website is a great accomplishment of our committee. Its purpose is to serve as an academic and educational tool for communication and interaction between Healthcare professionals .both, inside Afghanistan .and abroad

I invite you all to join and share your professional knowledge experience and expertise with us in order to make this website one of the best academic and educational medium for our health care .professionals inside Afghanistan

This is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, independent organization and there is no room for political or ideological ambitions and agendas other than the noble objective of improvement of medical education and health .services in Afghanistan

د دی متن د لوستلو بپاره لاندی لینک غوره کړی.

برای مطالعۀ متن دری پیغام ما اینجا را انتخاب کنید.

Dr. Sana Dr. Kakar Dr. Baha Hashimi Dr. Zabih Habib